Michelle Shocked - Captain Swing(deluxe )


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(2004) Mighty Sound

Alternative Folk   78:36

 CD 27 tracks


01God Is A Real Estate Developer03:13
02  On The Greener Side02:55
03Silent Ways02:41
04Sleep Keeps Me Awake02:45
05Cement Lament03:06
06(Don't You Mess Around With) My Little Sister02:40
07Looks Like Mona Lisa02:34
08Too Little Too Late02:13
09Streetcorner Ambassador03:29
10Must Be Luff02:41
11Russian Roulette03:41
12Must Be Luff (Acoustic Demo)02:55
13Sleep Keeps Me Awake (Acoustic Demo)03:10
14Cement Lament (Acoustic Demo)03:11
15Slient Ways (Acoustic Demo)02:14
16Streetcorner Ambassador (Acoustic Demo)02:23
17Early Morning Saturday (Acoustic Demo)03:06
18God Is A Real Estate Developer (Acoustic Demo)     03:12
19Too Little Too Late (Acoustic Demo)01:49
20Hepcat (Acoustic Demo)02:59
21Barefootin' (Live)06:06
22Garden Salad Diplomacy (Live)00:44
23Poll Tax Song (Live)03:33
24The Titanic (Feat. Dollar Bill Johnston)03:47
25Old Paint (Feat. Dollar Bill Johnston)02:39
26Worth The Weight (Live)02:23
27Fairy Tales (Live)02:27